Samsung tops Apple in internet usage

Samsung GS3 with Chrome

For years, Apple has taken comfort in the fact that their platform has been the clear leader in internet usage. Apple correlates high browser usage with increased monetization, since iPhone and iPad users are more likely to make online purchases than their Android counterparts. Samsung has now taken the internet usage crown according to data from StatCounter, which has been tracking many different mobile devices, platforms, and browsers for the past year (from July 2012 to Jun 2013).

Nokia was the global internet usage leader a year ago, but lost its place to Apple in February. Samsung took a 25.47 percent share in June, 2013, beating Apple's 25.09 percent, and Nokia's 21.96 percent. (These statistics represent world-wide mobile internet use). 

Also, the Chrome browser is now a leader in world-wide internet usage - increasing its market share from 23.84 percent a year ago to 32.46 percent today. Internet Explorer subsequently dropped from 40.89 percent to 32.46 percent over the same period. 

Now, it's important to keep in mind that browser usage statistics vary greatly between organizations that track such information. (The online browser usage tracker, Percent of the Internet, posts different numbers).

This shift toward Android (more specifically Samsung) and Chrome does make one wonder about the future of mobile monetization. Apple, despite no longer being a world-wide internet usage leader, makes developers considerably more money on its platform than Android. Principally, this is because Android's growth is fueled not by high-end devices, but by low-end ones. Those customers often don't have data plans, and aren't willing to purchase apps. That being said, this shift in statistics might persuade app developers to take Android more seriously - launching more apps on Android first, or simultaneously with, iOS. 


Mobile web traffic continues to grow

We all know mobile web traffic has grown substantially, and continues to grow. But, nothing portrays this growth better than a nifty infographic from PC Tricks Blog

Rise of the mobile web

Highlights from the chart: 

  • 15% of all web traffic already comes from mobile devices.
  • 74% of mobile users said they were more willing to visit a site if it was mobile friendly.
  • 96% of mobile users have been to a non-friendly mobile site. 
  • 67% of mobile users said they were more likely to purchase goods from a mobile optimized site.  
  • 84% of respondents use mobile devices to help them shop in brick and mortar stores.