5 pillars of mobile design: Luke Wroblewski

In a Mashable article, Grace Smith interviews design guru Luke Wroblewski (former Chief Design Architect at Yahoo and founder of BagCheck).

Designing for mobile has evolved dramatically. Users now expect fast, immersive mobile experiences, and catering to this is increasingly difficult.
When Luke Wroblewski introduced the concept of Mobile First more than four years ago, it radically changed how we approach design. According to him, the reason was threefold:
"It was clear mobile use was going to take over; designing for mobile pushed you to better and simpler designs because of constraints like small screens and slow networks; and last but not least, mobile devices had capabilities like multi-touch and location detection that allowed you to create new kinds of experiences."

Wroblewski outlines five pillars of mobile design, focusing on the importance of a fast user experience, engagement with users, designing specifically for mobile, enforcing constraints, and the importance of taps.