Minimal, colourful, flat.

iOS7 Control Center

iOS7 Multitasking

With their announcement of iOS7 on Monday, Apple has embraced a flat and minimalistic user interface, which has been long touted by Android and Window Phone. 

John Koetsier (of Venture Beat) writes about the changes in iOS7, and compares them to Apple's past design choices.

The latest version of iOS is the culmination of Apple’s six-year journey with iPhone, and that journey mirrors the changes that successfully brought Apple back from the brink of death in the late 1990s. The product that saved Apple was the iMac, and Steve Jobs threw it like a grenade into the the computer industry. Where the industry was grey, iMac was color. Where the industry was separate pieces wired together, iMac was unified and singular. Where the industry was opaque, iMac was translucent. 
But the original iMac was also a little childish — a little young — before it became the singular objét d’art that it is today. And like iMac’s 15-year transition from fruity to elegant, iOS has now crossed the user interface Rubicon from Microsoft Bob to the Bauhaus — from decoration to design.
Versions 1 through 6 were Apple’s mobile juvenilia; iOS 7 is Apple at the zenith of its design zen.

Koetsier's summary is quite excellent. Check out his full article in the link bellow.