Google's economic impact

Google released it's Economic Impact report, which quantifies how much money its advertising tools made for businesses, web publishers, and non-profits across the United States. Hovering the cursor over each state reveals how much money was made, in addition to some other factoids in parentheses. Clicking brings you to a page with more information about that state, including testimonials from business owners.

Google economic impact: Illinois! 

It's hard to argue with Google's numbers, and the company has been very transparent about its recent activities (especially when compared to Apple and Microsoft). While the self-publishing of economic activity and impact is nothing new, it's likely that we will see and increasing number of reports like this in the coming months and years. Many of the Silicon Valley companies are desperately trying to offset the swarm of controversies surrounding privacy (most notably the NSA spying leaks), labor concerns, and tax avoidance. 

If anything, it shows that public controversy and consumer demands has led to greater transparency about how these companies operate - a positive change to be sure. 

View Google's report by clicking on the source below.