An Android for "low-end" phones

It's possible that Android will be put on a "crash diet." Jeff Chiu, writing in Quartz, says that Google might try to drastically reduce the hardware requirements for its newest OS (codename Key Lime Pie), to better position itself in emerging markets. Doing so would also help reduce the level of fragmentation present on the platform.

The result would be a version of Android that requires just 512 megabytes of memory (RAM). That’s half as much as the current version of Android needs. Since early 2012, many owners of older Android phones have been unable to upgrade to the current version of Android because their devices have too little memory. That’s one reason Android is so infamously “fragmented,” with the majority of Android phones in the world currently running on “Gingerbread,” a version of the operating system that was first released in 2010.

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