C is for "crusher"

Think China: image courtesy of Apps Gone Free

Apple will almost certainly announce a more affordable version of its popular iPhone, which is speculated to be the "5c." According to an article from Apps Gone Free, this might be bad news for Samsung, and push Apple to the number one handset maker. 

A deal with China Mobile, the world's largest phone carrier (with over 400 million subscribers), combined with the 5c could gain Apple upwards of 20 percent more market share in China, bringing its total to 30 percent. 

There are a lot of good arguments why Apple should release such a device. Its current handsets are too expensive for the developing world, which is where the majority is smartphone growth is occurring. 

Apple market share with China Mobile deal and 5c release. 

Apple market share with China Mobile deal and 5c release. 

Everyone can succeed in mobile

Mobile traffic still only makes up 15% of all worldwide Internet traffic. That is less than one-sixth of all time spent on the Internet.

This was reported by analyst Mary Meeker at the D-11 conference. It is clear that mobile, though the most important technology sector, still has a long way to go.

Mobile Traffic as a Percent of Global Internet Traffic

Dan Rowinsky, of Read Write Web, summarizes Meeker's report.

We are currently in Year 6 of the Mobile Revolution (if we date the start of mass smartphone acceptance to the release of the original iPhone in July 2007). According to Meeker’s report, there are 1.5 billion smartphones users in the world, or about a 21% penetration rate of mobile users. Compared to the nearly 5 billion global cellphone users, smartphones still have a long road to climb. Believe it or not, in the big picture, smartphones are still in the early stages of adoption.

Smartphone usage

Rowinsky also points out that mobile is unique, insofar that it's such a large pie that nearly every player has the chance to succeed.

If there is really a remaining battle in the Smartphone Wars, it has less to do with Apple vs. Google vs. Microsoft vs. BlackBerry and more to do with the race to connect the rest of the world to the Internet through mobile. The company that can best figure out how to solve that diverse and complex global problem will be in a great position to succeed for the decade to come.

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