C is for "crusher"

Think China: image courtesy of Apps Gone Free

Apple will almost certainly announce a more affordable version of its popular iPhone, which is speculated to be the "5c." According to an article from Apps Gone Free, this might be bad news for Samsung, and push Apple to the number one handset maker. 

A deal with China Mobile, the world's largest phone carrier (with over 400 million subscribers), combined with the 5c could gain Apple upwards of 20 percent more market share in China, bringing its total to 30 percent. 

There are a lot of good arguments why Apple should release such a device. Its current handsets are too expensive for the developing world, which is where the majority is smartphone growth is occurring. 

Apple market share with China Mobile deal and 5c release. 

Apple market share with China Mobile deal and 5c release. 

China has 24% of connected devices globally

Ingrid Lunden of Tech Crunch writes that Flurry analytics has now reported that China now holds a quarter of the world's connected devices. 

China now accounts for 24% of all of the connected devices in use worldwide, with 261,333,271 smartphones and tablets among them. Flurry released the data as part of a new report on smartphone usage in China, released today to coincide with a new deal with Renren Games, the online gaming distribution platform of the Chinese social network of the same name.

Perhaps most interesting is that gaming appears to have considerable app activity in China. According to Lunden, 56 percent of Android users game, while 47 percent of iOS users game. Furthermore, when looking at entertainment, Android held 20 percent and iOS held 30 percent. Though smartphone and tablet gaming has been a popular area of discussion in the US, it looks like Chinese consumers seem to be even more interested. 

Figures from April 2013 found that consumers here only spent about 32% of app time in gaming apps, with 18% on Facebook. That still made gaming the most popular category, but far less so. Telling that social networking is only grabbing a couple of percentage points on time on either platform, too small to even get a breakout number in Flurry’s graphic.

Flurry: time spent in app stores

Right now it seems to be a two horse race in China between Apple and Samsung. Samsung is the largest Android OEM (based on installs), but there are considerably more iPhones in the wild despite the disparity in market share - 65 percent for Android and 35 percent for iOS.  

Flurry: Android and iOS install base

On a final note, Flurry pointed out the significant growth in the Chinese tablet market. 21 percent of iOS devices were iPads, while Android only accounted for 4 percent.