Raspberry Pi 3: a big deal for IoT

The Raspberry Pi 3 now as built-in WiFi and Bluetooth and is ready for IoT

The Raspberry Pi 3 now as built-in WiFi and Bluetooth and is ready for IoT

The Raspberry Pi was the first credit card sized computer board to take the world by storm, and the third iteration is the most important release yet.

According to Aaron Tilley, writing for Forbes, the Raspberry Pi has historically had one major drawback. It lacked WiFi and Bluetooth.

The Raspberry Pi is more out-of-the-box ready for the Internet of Things,” said Claire Doyle, global head of Raspberry Pi at Element14, an authorized maker and seller of the computers. “Users no longer need to add on a WiFi dongle or accessory. It’s ready to go.

In earlier versions of the device, users had to use the Pi’s scarce USB ports for third-part wireless attachments if they didn’t want to be tied to a router (or string a long Ethernet cable through their home). The inclusion of wireless makes the Pi 3 ready for the Internet of Things (IoT) out of the box.


(The Raspberry Pi foundation released the above video the commemorate its four-year anniversary)

The first Pi was popular among education institutions and electronics tinkerers. The Pi 2 was the first to be marketed for the IoT. Even Microsoft made its Windows 10 Core IoT platform available for the micro computer. But, while the Pi 2 only dipped its toe in the IoT pool, the Pi 3 is jumping right in. The best part? It’s just $35, which reduces the barrier to entry for IoT developers.

The Pi 3 also get’s a nice processor upgrade and moves into the realm of 64 bit computing, making it a more serious competitor to mainstream computer manufactures. Jacob Kastrenakes, from The Verge, interviewed Eben Upton, CEO of Raspberry Pi Trading.

There is a weird thing," Upton says, where people view the Pi 2 as slightly too slow to be a real PC. "I'm really quite hopeful that this time we might come across that line that we've been trying to cross for a long time," he says. "That we've made a thing where you can really say, 'Yes, this is a PC.'"

The Raspberry Pi 3 is both incremental and ground-breaking. This seemingly minor upgrade could mark a major shift for the advancement of IoT by bringing in hobbyists and companies  

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